Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Truths and A Lie

Have you ever played this game?  If not, don't worry, I'll explain.

I work for an University and we play this game often as an ice breaker (you remember, those silly activities people make you do at a conference or something to get things started).  Here's how you play....

Think about all the cool facts about yourself.   Decide on your favorite two. Then, pick out some wildly crazy made up fact (maybe something you wish was true, maybe something that's almost true).

The goal of the game is to share all three facts as if they were true.  Everyone else guesses which ones are true and which one is the lie.  I've learned some really interesting (and random!) facts about my students through this game.

Want to play with me?

Here are my facts:

1.  I've been scuba diving or snorkeling with eight different species of sharks.
2.  One of my first jobs was dressing up as a mascot in a puffin suit at an aquarium.
3.  I spent a summer cleaning the octopus and piranha tanks at a different aquarium in college.

Hubby and I on a boat in Jamaica on our Honeymoon.  
Did we snorkel?  Were there sharks?

Do you know which one is the lie?  Take a guess in the comments!

Want to play along?  Do a post on this and leave a link below so we can visit your blog and guess!


  1. Hahaha, I was actually just thinking about this game the other night!

    I think your lie is #1, that it is either more or less species of shark.

    Here are mine:
    1) I went into labor during the second week of my cake decorating class and was so nervous (and 6 weeks early) that I asked the instructor what to do.
    2) I recently won a prize from my bowling league for having three games in a row with the same score (105).
    3) My husband, son and I all have nicknames... Squishy, Squirt, Dory from the movie "Finding Nemo"

    :) Kara

  2. Kara--I think your lie is Number 3! I know Squishy and Squirt, but I can't see them calling you Dory. :)


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