Friday, February 5, 2010


"Hubby, could you watch Emerson for a few minutes?  I want to write a post real quick."

"Sure, Sweetie.  No problem.

"Ok, Mommy's busy.  Dad?  Dad?"

"Dad, what's that over there?"

"Dad?  Dad?  Hmm, ESPN is on.  If I'm very sneaky, no one will notice I'm missing."

"I'm almost there, so close.  I can't believe he hasn't noticed I'm gone yet!"

"Just a few more seconds and I can get my hands on Winnie...or the extra wipes...or the Diaper Genie.  So many choices!" 

"Oh no!  Daddy caught me."

"Daddy!  Don't tickle me!  We're supposed to be quiet.  Mommy is busy."

"Hehehe.  Ok, tickle me some more. Hehehe."

"Mommy!  Mommy!  Are you busy?  What's with all that typing? Can I slobber kiss your leg?" 

"Mom! Mom!  I have this cool green ball!"

"Don't you want to play with us?"

"Look how cute I am!  How can you resist me?"

"And look at Daddy.  He's pretty cute too!  Stop that and play with us!"


"Ok, Binky.  You win.  Mommy will come play."

"Did you hear that, Dad?  We won!  She didn't stand a chance!"

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