Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Treats

Here's an adorable picture of the Bink to start your day off right...

And here's a collection of fun, random things I found to pass along to you!  I'll try to do this every week. I find a lot of cool things and this will save my poor husband's eye from glazing over having to listen to all 487 of them.

  • Tips for traveling long distances with kids-- This is on my mind since we just booked our summer vacation rental in Myrtle Beach.  I'm looking forward to the sun and sand...just not the 8+ hours in the car with two kiddos.  
  • Photo Op for Almost Walkers--So cute!  I'm going to try it with Bink this week and I'll post pictures when we do.  I love any reason to take pictures.  (If you want more great ideas like this, Rookie Moms published an awesome book that is full of fun activities)
  • Need a Laugh?--Confessions of a Young Married Couple is definitely worth reading every day, but sometimes it just makes me laugh out loud
  • Crafty Homemade Crayons--My tween has asking for the Crayola color swirl-y crayons every time we go to Target.  I saw this post on how to make similar ones in the oven and it looks like fun.  Now to find the time to actually do it.  Hmm...
And also, today is my birthday!  I'm entering into my last year of my twenties, a fact that is amusing the Hubby to no end.  We're off for a child-free date!

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