Sunday, February 7, 2010


In case you haven't seen a news report in the last week, the Baltimore-Washington area got ROCKED by a blizzard to end all blizzards this weekend. It's being lovingly refered to as snow-pocalypse and snow-maggeden around these parts.

Since the hype surrounding this storm started super early, we had time to prepare. Well, by prepare I mean we had time to cram into the grocery store with every other fool in the state and stock up on essentials...bread, milk (well Soy Silk Almond Milk in my case), toilet paper...and junk food.

Yes, you read that right.  That says 31.5 inches of snow on our deck.

The problem with being snowed in is not the initial snowing-in part. I love a day that we CAN'T leave the house. We stayed in our PJ's. We watched bad tv. We snuggled on the couch.  

 We were even kind of productive and did massive loads of laundry, changed sheets, moved some furniture around to add a rug to the dining room. 

We bundled up the baby and took him outside to see the SECOND major snow storm of his young life. 

 He looks pleased about it, doesn't he?

 It made a little nostalgic to think that the last time we got this much snow (in December, mind you), Emerson couldn't crawl yet. there is no stopping him.
I made black bean soup in the crock pot and baked chocolate chip cookies.  I stayed up late to finish a smutty book I started the day before.

The problem with being snowed in starts on the second day. The day when your husband and children look at you like, well, now what? The day when you wake up with a little cabin fever already, want to go out and do something, anything, out of the house. And then you remember that is still looks like THIS outside...

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