Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm a Sucker For a Cute Baby

Over the past few weeks I've realized that its a really good thing that the Bink is cute.  Otherwise, I might just have had to return him.

Last week we had grumpy Bink.  He was sleeping decently and only (ha, ha) getting up once or twice a night. But he was  He screamed.  He cried.  He kicked.  He flailed.  He head butted me in the face and split my lip open.  I'm 95% sure it was an accident, but you never know with these babies...always up to something.  

We finally realized that the problem was that his two little bottom chompers had just poked through the surface.  Once we knew the source of the drama, we orajeled, we tylenoled, we shoved teething rings in his general direction whenever possible.

Then one day he was suddenly in a better mood.  I'm not sure what switch flipped, but all of a sudden we had happy Bink.  However, happy Bink doesn't feel the need for sleep.  We're still playing the "get up to watch the Olympics" game at least four times a night, which is slowly killing me (or at least making me loopy and unproductive with the sleep depravation).

At 5:15 this morning, after getting up at 2:15...and 3:30...and 4, I begged Hubby to take over when Bink decided he was rested and ready to start his day.  I snuck in a half hour more sleep and got ready for work, muttering about making Binky sleep on the roof if he kept this up.  I'm not sure why the roof, it seemed like a fitting punishment.

The Bink must have known he was on thin ice with me.  So in his sneaky baby ways, he waited until I was completely burned out to bring on the cuteness.  As I was dropping him at daycare this morning, he brought out the big guns.

He was sitting on his daycare provider's lap and I kissed him goodbye.  I waved good-bye to him and he said "Mama!" and reached out his arms for me to pick him up.

I guess I won't make him sleep on the roof after all.  I'm such a sucker.

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  1. You know what your a perfect mommy after all don't talk like your not a good mommy thats to crazy I mean your crazy talking like that!! Your already a "perfect" mommy.


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