Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Keeping Up With The New Age

How old do you have to be before you are officially old?  I'm less than 20 days away from turning 29 and most of the time I don't give much thought to my age.  My perception of what that word means has changed so much over the years...becoming progressively older the older I became (haha).  The problem is that I work with college students and they never get any older!

It's kind of like that gross Matthew McConaughey comment about high school girls from Dazed and Confused..."I get older, they stay the same age"

Most of the time it's fine.  Most of the time I can ignore the fact that they are closer in age to my 10 year old daughter.

10 going on 18

Most of the time I can get over the fact that they were almost all born in the 1990's.

And that even though they are only two years or so older they complain about how the incoming class of freshmen is so young that they will hardly remember how cool the 90's were...I was there, I don't remember the 90's being all that damn cool...maybe its because I was a geeky high school student eating her lunch in the Chemistry lab at the time.  Oh yeah, that.

My point being that most of the time, I'm ok with them looking at me like the 10 years that divide is really about 100 years.  Most of the time I actually prefer it, it can make my life a lot easier.

This morning, however, was a different story.  I'd been in my office for maybe 10 minutes.  I was still settling in, checking email, preparing for my day.  A student walked in, took one look at my computer which was on my Pandora* radio station page, and said "Oh, Pandora.  Keeping up with the new age.  Good for you."

Um, exactly how old does she think I am?  Am I too old to be listening to the RADIO?  I know it's a fancy version, but still.  There are PLENTY of things that I'm too old for, I'm aware of that.

Those teeny curtain looking things that college girls seem to call skirts these days.  Worn bare legged.  In February.  With SNOW on the ground.  And put a damn coat on while you're at it! 

But I can't be too old for the radio.  Good thing I'd taken off my fake Ugg boots and changed into my work shoes before she'd arrived or her head might have exploded.

Uh oh, am I too old for knock-off Uggs?

Oh well, I can't start worrying about that on top of this radio debacle this morning or my head might explode

I will console myself in the fact that my 8 month old (Blargh!  How did that happen?!) doesn't seem to know his mommy isn't cool yet.

 At least this guy thinks I'm the bees knees.

Er, better quit while I'm ahead.

What about you? Ever had one of those moments?  Ever done something even if you were too "old" for it?

*Sidenote:  Pandora is awesome and amazing and wonderful and glorious.  I was skeptical when these crazy college kids were talking about it and sure that I didn't need it.  I mean, I was already so hip, I had an iPod, I listened to regular radio stations on my computer, I was light years away from girl I was in my first job out of college when I listed to a CD Player for Pete's sake!  I decided to give it a try one day and I haven't looked back.  I leave it on ALL day in my office, I listen to it at home, I listen to it on my iPod.  Go there right now, enter some artists or songs you like, and enjoy the personalized radio station of goodness you get. 

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