Boobies, Boobies, Everywhere!

Early on in my breastfeeding career, my mom (and a few others) suggested I keep a list of the strange places I nursed Bink.  I've been jotting them down ever since and looking at them from time to time makes me laugh.  Having a much older sister with a packed social schedule (and a mom that doesn't sit still well), this little boy had no chance for peaceful nursing sessions in the comfort and luxury of his own home.

At the National Book Festival in September 2009

We were on the go from the very beginning...
  1. In the car outside the basketball stadium on campus
  2. Hubby's office
  3. My office
  4. In the car outside of California Tortilla
  5. Babies R Us mom's room (lots, lots, lots of times.  I heart BRU for this room!)
  6. In the car at an outlet mall
  7. Bench at the outlet mall
  8. Justice dressing room at the outlet mall
  9. JC Penney dressing room
  10. In the car outside of Target (er, lots of time, I spent a lot of time at Target!)
  11. Macys dressing room
  12. Bench at the Air and Space Museum in DC
  13. In the car on side of Route 70 in PA
  14. In the car at the Community Center (K's swim lessons)
  15. In the car at the tennis courts (K's tennis lessons)
  16. Sbarro in a truck stop in PA
  17. Chick fil a (this is where I figured out to just put him on the table with a pad under him)
  18. In the car outside Once Upon a Child
  19. The beach in our neighborhood
  20. Our deck
  21. Food court at the mall (actually a couple of malls)
  22. Sitting by the waterfall at a state park
  23. Car outside of Trader Joe'sWalking around a local county park 
  24. Hospital ER
  25. Walking at Ravens Training Camp
  26. In the car in the parking garage at work
  27. Grandparents' houses (duh)
  28. Baby friend's birthday party
  29. K's back to school night
  30. K's holiday concert
  31. Ravens football game
  32. College football game
  33. Riding the DC metro
  34. National Book Festival
  35. Trunk or treating at a local church
  36. Trick or treating on Halloween
  37. Panera Bread (on Black Friday, ha!)
  38. Target dressing room
  39. Walmart dressing room
  40. At an outdoor craft fair
  41. Red Robin
  42. Mexican restaurant
  43. Wandering the aisles at Target (I told you I spend too much time there!)
  44. Doctors offices (mine, his, its all the same)
    I promise sometimes I feed him just sitting in the living room or in my bed.  The place I nurse him the least is the rocking chair I bought for his room specifically for this purpose.

    Updated: February 16, 2010 

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