Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Dreams

Actually, most of my dreams lately are about the distant possibility of sleeeeeep.  Instead of sleep most of the last week, Bink and I have been watching the Olympics.  Thankfully NBC runs coverage into the wee hours.  I've been able to see some really great moments that I wouldn't have seen if I were busy doing other things (like sleeping, for example).

I have always loved the Olympics, but this one feels particularly special.  I think it's the contrast with the 2008 Summer Olympics.  Besides the obvious Winter-Summer thing, my life has changed SO MUCH since those days.

Living in Maryland, everyone was obsessed with Michael Phelps and the gold medal quest.  Hubby and I stayed up late to watch his races, back when I could do frivolous things, like stay up until midnight on a weeknight (er, any night).

That was also just before we could out that the Bink was on his way.  Hubby and I had been trying to get pregnant for a few months and I remember being so upset in August when I got my period.  And then my whole world changed in September when I didn't.  I tend to mark time in my head as pre-Bink, pregnant with Bink, and post-Bink. 

Now the Olympics are here again and I've got my own little Olympic athlete.  Right now, he's competing in the Pulling Up Using Unstable Objects, Stuffing Puffs In Your Pants, and Crawling Over Hurdles events.  And he's kicking the rest of our butts at them.  He's also won gold every night this week at the Wake Up Mommy at 3 a.m....and 4 a.m....and 5 a.m.. events.  Shame he couldn't be a little more of an under-achiever.

This morning in particular Bink seemed not only focused on his own gold medal, but also on seeing Shaun White take home snowboarding gold.  He woke up at 3 a.m., nursed for a while, realized it was just figure skating on, and decided to take a quick nap to save his energy for the half-pipe.

 Right around 4:30 his little eye plinked back open and he actually sat up in his crib, held onto the rails (like in a little baby jail), and wailed his baby cries at me.

Moooommy!  Mooooommy!  Hurry!  We're going to miss it!  There are only three more snowboarders left!  Moooommy!  We can't miss the Double McTwist 1260! 

(See, he's a genius!  He already knows his snow boarding lingo!)

 I dragged my sleepy self out of bed, snagged him, and plunked us both on the couch.  He happily nursed, watched the end of the snowboarding competition, and promptly fell asleep two seconds after Shaun White's second run.  He knew.  I'm sure he knew.

Back to bed we went (again!)  but as soon I put him down he started to cry again.  Mooooommy!  I was just resting my eyes.  We can't sleep now!  Lindsay Vonn is getting her gold medal.  Don't you want to see?

So back to the Olympics we went.  I'm all caught up on exciting Olympic news (including the US Speed Skating qualifying run).  Hopefully there aren't any super important Olympic moments being replayed tonight.  I'm not sure who gave this kid the TV Guide (or how he's reading it for that matter), but either way...

Mommy needs some sleep.

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