Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Friday & What Did You Get Right?

From looking at my pictures, you'd think we spend all our time at the park.  I wish!  This is one of my favorite shots from our spontaneous playground visit this week.

I'm not exactly sure what is it about this one...maybe the funky lighting...maybe that it seems to really capture Bink's personality (always busy being in other people's business).  For whatever reason, this shot of two of the boys I love most in life makes me smile. 

I promise next week I'll go for a non park shot! It's just so hard when the weather is this pretty!
Two weeks ago I started asking What Did You Get Right?  I love hearing your answers and it helps me to have to stop and thinking of what I got right each week.  Especially this week with all the silly mistakes at once.

This week I took a little time for myself.  I always feel guilty if I'm off work sending Bink to daycare.  I feel like I already miss so much time with him being at work that I'm not there, I should be soaking up the time with Bink.  And I should.  But sometimes its nice to remember what life was like pre-Bink.  You a meal with two hands, waste time on the internet, try on clothes without dancing a stroller in circles to keep the baby happy, pee without someone sitting on my lap.  I almost felt like me again, not "just" a mommy.

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  1. What a cute picture?!? Love it, love it, love it!!!

    Had to laugh at the "eating with two hands" thing! I think they should teach you how to eat a meal while juggling a squirmy baby in the pre-natal classes.

    For my thing I got right: Hubby acted like a jerk the other night and really hurt my feelings. Usually I can hold a grudge like nobody's business, but instead I just told him, "you really made me mad" and saw that he was upset at himself, I dropped it and haven't brought it up again since. It was one of those "wow! I'm really turning into a grown-up" moments. I was proud that I clearly expressed my feelings, without trying to make him guess. And I didn't punish him for making a mistake. I've learned that life is wayyyy too short to go to bed angry.

  2. I think it's smart that you take "me time". If it makes you a better mom to get some time to yourself, it's important. I truly believe that.

    I have had one of those weeks when it comes to the stuff I did that was crummy...but I have played about a dozen board games with the kids before bed and I did RUN with Evie. Small things, but they WERE right. :)

  3. It's his eyebrows that do it for me. Like he's really thinking, taking in the world! Love it!


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