Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things I Learned Today

Bink's daycare was closed today, so I took the day off to stay home with him.  Here's what I learned today:
  1. Cat toys, especially jingly feathered ones, appeal to both cats and babies.
  2. A naked baby, left undiapered for only a few moments while a bath is drawn will pee all over your clean sheets.  If the sheets are dirty, he won't even notice his diaper is off.
  3. If you spontaneously decide to give the baby a bath off his regular schedule, he will reward you trying to eat the plastic shower liner.
  4. Once you rediaper the clean baby, he will poop before you can even snap his onsie on.
  5. A baby can get his socks off before you even finish buckeling him in the car seat.  If the socks miraculously make it until after you start the car, it's only because he was waiting until you were distracted by driving to try to eat them.
  6. Nothing is more entertaining to a baby than his reflection in a dressing room mirror.
  7. The best entertainment for a baby in a high chair is a few empty plastic sauce cups.  He will spend most of lunch playing with them and throwing them on the floor instead of eating his baby food.  Until...
  8. He realizes whatever you are eating for lunch is infinitely more appealing than both the plastic cups and his own baby food. Even if its only vegetables, beans, and rice.
  9. A baby can be cranky and screaming at his mommy, but if a stranger says hello he will light up and beam an adorable smile at them.  When the passer-by is gone, its back to crank pot behavior.
  10. When a baby is being carried, all he wants is to get down.  When he's down, all he wants is to be picked up.
  11. That one time you pick him up and he snuggles into, wraps his little baby arms around your neck, and gives you a slobbery, toothy kiss makes all the rest of it worthwhile.


  1. kirsten whiteMarch 15, 2010

    I luv all the hard you put into this it's so awsome!!

    Luv yu

    :} Kirsten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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