Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo Friday & What Did You Get Right?

Bink and I visit Grandma every Wednesday night.  Its actually a tradition that pre-dates him by a few years.  First we'd just go shopping each week.  It's amazing how much time we can kill in a Target with a Starbucks.  Or any Target really.  Then for a while we planned my wedding...making buttonaires, ironing "Team Groom" onto shirts for Hubby's friends, hot gluing sea shells to raffia.  Later we took up knitting, called it Stitch and Bitch, and added another friend to the mix.  And a lot more wine.

Shortly after the transition to Stitch and Bitch, I found out I was pregnant with Bink.  Out with the wine for me and in with lots and lots of hand knitted baby booties (that he never wears because they don't stay on his feet for even three short seconds). Every week I'd update whoever would listen to me about which vegetable Bink was closest to in size that week.  He's a sweet pea this week.  This week he's a banana.  That seems so big.  That's big, right? It's only blahdy-blah-blah more weeks/days/seconds until he's due.

 Amazingly, since Bink was born I've only managed to knit twice.  Once at Hubby's parents house for a few days when he was very small and content to be held by Grandma and Grandpa.  And once at work because the students wanted to knit during a club meeting.  So not so much stitching going on at Stitch and Bitch anymore, but we seem to still manage to fill the time!  Maybe with a little bitching...but mostly with laughing, wine, and video games.  We're quite good at Rock Band and Wii Resort.

This week I was able to get to Grandma's earlier than I normally do and it just happened to be one of the few nice days we've had this year so far.  Seriously, there is still some snow left from the big storm over a month ago.  Instead of just chatting we took Bink to the park.  He was thrilled to be outside and LOVED the swings.  It makes me happy just thinking of all the swings in our future this Spring.  If only it were 30 degrees warming and not raining.  Or snowing.  Or gusting at 30 mph.  One day, I'm sure of it.

Last Friday I introduced the idea of What Did You Get Right?.  I got lots of comments from you all about your triumphs for the week, so I think we should play again.  

This week I slowed down a little while I was nursing Bink.  Normally I use that time (the ONLY time he is still-ish anymore) to check email, catch up on tv, chat with Hubby and K, open junk mail, whatever I can do with one hand while seated.  On Tuesday I took Bink up to our bed to nurse him before he went to sleep and instead of trying cram in twelve other things, I just watched him for a few minutes.  I thought about what it was like with him those first few weeks when he got home from the hospital.  I stroked his hair and sung to him.  I just enjoyed his company.  When he was finished he rolled over and gave me a little content sigh.  I think he enjoyed our quiet time together too.

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  1. What is it about kids and swings? He looks so happy. Isn't Spring time wonderful?

  2. Is the first time he was in an outside swing? We have pictures of all four of ours and the expression of pure delight is just fab.
    You def got something right! I've been trying to enjoy the nursing moments too, tho my daughter sometimes resembles a small wolverine when nursing!

  3. Oh my goodness look at that face and that GRIN!!! Swings have to be among the greatest inventions ever!

    What did I do right this week? Hmmm. Well, I played the world's longest game of Uno Attack on my birthday with my kids and I didn't complain. Does that count? :)

  4. Your baby is SO beautiful. What a sweet, sweet baby boy! I love that you have special time with your Grandma! Grandma's are the greatest sorts of humans alive : ) I miss mine every day!


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