Friday, March 5, 2010

Photo Friday With A Twist


I took this photo last weekend while I was learning all the settings on my new camera (hence the blue coloring).  I love this picture because it really captures Bink's personality...always curious and looking for something to get into...and adorable.  It helps his case that he's adorable.

Now here's the the mornings I listen to a great country station on my way to work.  Every Friday the DJ asks listeners to call in and talk about what they got right that week.  At first I thought it was really cheesy, but as I listened to people sharing things they were proud of (even really small things), it grew on me.  I tried to think of something I'd gotten right this week.  I could come up with a huge list of things I did wrong.  

I called the baby by the dog's name (and our dog's name isn't even a human's Buttons).  I lost my temper with K over something stupid she hadn't done the way I wanted.  I hadn't spent enough time with my husband, instead trying to cram a few hours of sleep in during the evenings before the Bink gets up at 1:30 a.m. like clockwork. Unreturned emails and phone calls.  A to do list with nothing crossed off.

It was really easy to come up with things I didn't do well.  It was a lot harder to come up with things I did right.  So I'm going to ask you all each week, what did you get right?  It doesn't matter how small, sometimes you need to celebrate putting your shoes on the right feet or remembering to brush your hair before you leave for work (or maybe its just me).

Here's what I got right...This week I started back on Weight Watchers.  I've spent the last nine months hoping that the baby weight would come off with me just eating junk food and not exercising.  Surprisingly, it hasn't.  So, Monday morning I weighed myself, cringed a little, and wrote it down in a notebook.  I've tracked everything I've eaten this week and while I haven't been perfect I've been pretty good.  And I'm down a pound so far.  I'll weigh in again Monday and I'm hoping for continued success. 

So leave a comment and tell me what you got right this week!  Or tell me how adorable Bink is getting into trouble in the picture above, I'll take either!

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  1. I had a heart attack over my quals being 3 weeks away...and committed myself to studying and not seeing friends this weekend.

    Proud of you for WW (although you are beautiful w/o it!) I'm going to try and start back this week too...

    You are fabulous!

  2. Great picture and post. I am a WW lifetime member so right there with you on that too!!

  3. LOVE this post!! What a great reminder and perspective.

    This week my shining moment was probably that five minute beauty detour I took yesterday (I promise that's not a shameless plug or anything, it's just the best thing I did).

  4. Yippy for Weight Watchers. I had rejoined a few weeks ago, but was not really following it (need to remember that just going to meetings does not equal being on plan), so I convinced hubby to join with me. Tomorrow morning is weigh in, and I'm really excited to see how we did. Must brag on hubby... he has done an AWESOME job tracking his food and is always asking me about points and then making different decisions (like measuring his salad dressing/asking me to buy light beer). Plus we worked out (p90x/walking).

    Cait, I agree that you are completely beautiful and wonderful how you are, but I think that you will be very successful!

    And what an inspiring post. This week I'm really proud that I have spent more time thinking about how I view myself, rather than worrying about how others view me.

    :) Kara

  5. He is cute.... they are always cute, that is waht keeps them alive somedays! :)
    Yeah, it is way easier to say what one didn't get right........... So What did I do right? well I made it a whole week of exercising!

  6. sweet.

    Got right? I've nursed myself and my daughter back to health and managed to successfully figure out staying home with her and getting her and I to the doctor. Win-win.


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